Score: Illness 6, Mary Sue 0

In addition to the retracted eardrum, in addition to the major sinus infection, I have now lost my voice.

This sucks.

I didn’t go to MT services, I prolly won’t make it to GF either. What’s the point of going if I can’t sing?

This really sucks.

My parents are on their way over. Yesterday they came in with commentary on how I look, unpacked everything from my move five days ago and made value judements on it, and left me with a wagged-finger admonition to “start acting like an adult”.

I’m not sure exactly what that means.



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4 responses to “Score: Illness 6, Mary Sue 0

  1. Sorry to hear it is so bad. Hot water with honey and lemon juice helps the vocal folds to heal. Prayers.

  2. Jen

    YOu’d think they’d come with chicken soup and tea, not thinly veiled guilt trips.

  3. “…start acting like an adult. I’m not sure exactly what that means.”

    The big secret is: nobody does (including those who make remarks like that to sick people), and as Brian hollered to the crowd, “You’ve all got to work it out for yourselves!” Welcome to the work of finding your definition. FWIW, this chronological adult thinks that getting help and taking care of yourself is acting like an adult.

  4. Don’t do it, babe. Acting like an adult is boring, boring. Keep being crazy and never grow up. (Well, except for managing money and making good relationship decisions)