How to Torture an ADD Person

The best way to torture an ADD person is to take away their routines.

Like many ADD people, I structured my daily routines around that which took up the most of my time: work. It gave me a time to wake up in the morning, set meal hours, tasks that needed to be completed before, during, and after work to keep my life going vaugely forward.

Going into week 3 of unemployment– God, I don’t even know when the last time I did laundry was. I had to check three times to figure out what day it was. I know I forgot to brush my teeth for a few days there… Without my routines, I shut down, I don’t know what to do or when to do it. I have a fully stocked pantry, and have eaten out every meal since Friday, because I can’t figure out what to cook.

On top of the destroyed routines, I moved house. I now get to go through the fun of setting up new routines in a new place, with a new physical layout and interpersonal dynamics. And also means I don’t know where my dirty laundry is.

I’m ADD. WE FEAR CHANGE! CHANGE BAD! OH MY GOD THE TOILET PAPER IS ON THE LEFT-HAND SIDE! Red is black! Up is down! Liberals are conservatives! The Son of God came down to earth as a baby! God gave humans free will to hate him!



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