No Apologies, but I have been watching The Boondocks

I don’t care how many degrees your stupid ass might be wavin’ about, how many proof texts you’ve got stuck up under that fancy hat of yours to justify being a self-righteous asshole, stop acting the damnfool.

What the hell are you doing, sitting there and just shaking your fat head when they’re telling you about injustice and strife and bondage and slavery and murder? Aren’t you angry yet?

What the hell am I saying? Of course you’re fucking angry. Shit, you spend half your day angry. Just shouting at the television or the computer monitor about all that injustice and strife and bondage and slavery and murder and how the hell can evolved, educated children of God be doing that shit to each other? Your blood pressure is tellin’ you how angry you get, and don’t be blaming it on the salt, no one forced those tater tots down your throat.

But noooo, you’re too damn lazy to lift your fat ass out of your easy chair, too scared you might rock the boat and lose the comfort of your lower-middle-class life, and don’t be thinking that because you’ve got something resembling a job and something resembling health care and something resembling an education that you ain’t a few crisises away from bein’ hungry or homeless.

You know why them Jesus statues be cryin’? You know why? I’ll tell you why, you moron, it’s because you are MAKING them cry. You, with your ‘listening skills’ and your ‘support of the MDG’, you ain’t going to cut poverty in half by being a bloody slacktivist and you sure as hell ain’t going to be able to hear no one when you’ve got your fingers in the ears and are singing, “La, la, la, can’t hear you, The Bible Says, la la la!”

Now comb your hair, Mary Sue, you’re a right mess, and go out and get to work. Spending all day lecturing yourself in the bathroom mirror, no wonder no shit never gets done around here…

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  1. But… but…we don’t gots dat tv show in Panamá! Oh, wait, you was talking to yourself.