[insert hijinks here]

Since I’m unemployed, I have decided not to just sit around. No! I am furthering scientific inquiry!

Like tonight, I am attmepting to pinpoint the precise amount of caffeine someone needs to consume to match vibrational frequencies with another dimension, thereby allowing me to travel between the dimensional planes! Isn’t science nifty?

(Actually, I’m hanging out at the 24 hour coffee shop because otherwise I might flip out on my housemates, who were being excessively bratty this evening.)

So, hey, let’s open it up to questions from the peanut gallery. Ask me anything, I’ll answer it*.

*Management reserves the right to not give serious answers.



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5 responses to “[insert hijinks here]

  1. Gabe Lamazares

    Um, who’s your favorite Firefly character and why?

  2. Ok..since I can ask anything…Why do you suppose whole segment of the human population has been afflicted with a brain-damage which causes them to be obnoxious, arrogant, know-it-alls, who hate everybody who isn’t just like them? They hold a bravado and apparent confidence that is astounding!

    What do you suppose causes that? Oedipus complex? Electra complex? the stupid gene? Exposure to lead during pregnancy? Alien abduction???

    I need to know, because, it’s driving me CRAZY!

  3. MoCat

    What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  4. Are you from Portland originally?

  5. Is it a sin to watch carnographic movies? And as a followup, is watching carnography worse than watching pornography?