Little Red Cookbook

AHA! I found the Eddie Izzard clip I have been quoting all over the blogosphere like a demented puppy I enjoy, about how it’s really impossible to have extreme views in the Church of England (and, by extension, in the Anglican Communion)

But I can’t figure out how to embed video, so click here.



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2 responses to “Little Red Cookbook

  1. Well, it’s certainly possible ot have extreme views, as recent events have shown, but such folks never seem able to resolve the contradiction and seem awfully unhappy as a result. I’d hug them and tell them that God will provide in his own good time, but I wouldn’t want to accidentally give them teh ghey.

    (Because only a chosen few are fabulous enough in God’s eyes to have teh ghey in the first place!)

  2. Extreme views are not polite, because, well, they are EXTREME, and therefore, they don’t fit in with English Culture. Not at all.

    So, like Pisco says, there are extreme views, and no Anglican way to resovle them (because, doing so would be impolite), and so folks are unhappy.

    We all forget of course, that God does as he pleases with all of us, so, extreme views all be hanged.

    Loved this Mary Sue. I’m a huge Eddie Izzard fan (thanks to Episcobloggers).