The Holy Spirit is Laughing Her Ass Off Right About Now

This morning I was dancing around the house singing, “I love our bishops! I love our biiiishops!”

Housemates Upstairs1 and MainFloor1 were looking at me oddly.

And now, an open letter to the ABC.

Dear Archbishop Rowan Williams:
This gesture on behalf of TEC by our bishops was more of a ‘pointing to the point in our constitutions and canons where it says “you can’t do that, sillyheads” ‘ than the ‘two middle fingers and a stuck out tongue along with the pelvic thrusts that will drive you insaaaaane‘ you seem to think it is.

Reach around behind yourself, get a firm grip, and yank that stick out of your butt.

In Christian Love,
Mary Sue, Laywoman


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One response to “The Holy Spirit is Laughing Her Ass Off Right About Now

  1. Once I wrote a letter like that, and I actually used it as my resignation letter.

    I had to leave that denomination eventually.

    That is the selfsame denomination that has truly preached the gospel this week, and made Mary Sue and the Holy Spirit dance and laugh.


    Pax, C.