I am your target demographic (ph33r m3!)


 Because when I walk in the doors of your parish, all eyes are on me. I am under 30 40 50  60 years old, and I keep coming back regularly.

People are always saying, “Golly, I wish we had more young people in the church.”

Well, I’m going to let you all in on the secret. Here’s what us Millenium Generation people want:

  • We want to be. We’ve had more self-help and psychology thrown at us than any other generation. We have a pretty good idea of who we are, and how we function, and the kind of disasters that trying to change that will cause. Let us be ourselves.
  • We want to belong. Don’t assume we’re too busy, because our Friday night plans will probably include ice cream and Numb3rs and sitting alone on the couch. Ask if we want to help with the Stewardship Campaign, the Altar Guild, the Vestry. Let us help.
  • We want to think. We want to play What-if, we want to know what the Bible says, what the Church Fathers and Mothers said, what the Creed actually means. Many of us have little or no knowledge of Christian theology or praxis or history. Let us learn.
  • We want beauty. Whether that’s incense and bells and icons or smoke machines and guitars and Powerpoints, we seek to understand that breathlessness that comes from Somewhere Else. Let us worship.


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3 responses to “I am your target demographic (ph33r m3!)

  1. This is powerful stuff, Sister MH. I want to send it to all my colleagues. I want to set it as a seal upon my forehead.

    Pax, C.

  2. Gabe Lamazares

    yer da bomb! I know all I do is read your blog every day, but I feel like we’re separated at birth!! Thanks for the cyber-company.

    speaking of the ordination process, you should *think* about it. :\ I’m a Postulant for Holy Orders headed for seminary in NYC in the Fall. You should come! We’d be fierce!!

  3. Maggie

    funny, that’s pretty much what those of us who are middle-aged want too!