A Conversation

A friend of ours said, “Have you ever considered the ordination process?”

I almost spit coffee across the table. “Are you kidding? ME?!? I spent the weekend reading comic books and comparing Jayne Cobb to St. Martin de Tours!”

Our priest-friend said, “You can preach in my church anytime.”

I glared. “I would totally take up smoking again just so I can lean in the pulpit, cig dangling out of the corner of my mouth. ‘You know that part where it says, “Love your neighbor?” Well, God wasn’t fucking kidding! Yes, I’m looking at you, Mrs. Beezworth!’ ” I gestured sharply with my imaginary cigarette.

The friend of ours giggled nervously. Our priest-friend said, “You TOTALLY can preach in my church any time.”



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5 responses to “A Conversation

  1. Ha ha!

    Actually, that invitation stands for my house church if you ever find yourself in Durham. I bet you would be great. 🙂

    Okay, if I’m ever out that way, I’ll do it. But you provide the cigs. –Mary Sue

  2. Ah, MA, If I had a church you could preach there. Hope your grandmother is better by now. Keeping you and her in my prayers.

  3. I would love to sit in that pew and hear that sermon. Remember Annie Dillard talking about how we need crash helmets in church? This is the sermon she was thinking about.

    Pax, C.

  4. From, of all people, Ernest Hemingway:
    “The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof, shit detector. This is the writer’s radar and all great writers have had it.”
    You have that.
    You have a passion for God.
    You have a sense of humor.
    You could certainly be a fine priest.
    But you don’t have to unless God really insists.