Things I’m Thinking About

I’m sorry there hasn’t been a Fasting Recipe of the Week, but I’ve been too tired and too worried and too busy to really come up with something. So, uh…. grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. There you go, have fun.

I’m also too tired/worried/busy to write something out fully, so here’s just a list of things that are going through my head in various unfinished forms.

  • Reading a lot of stuff on Saint Francis right now (he’s not the fluffy bunny tree hugger they’d like you to think he is), and the similarities between him and the Tenth Doctor are kinda interesting.
  • Why are Episcopalians so afraid of the Holy Spirit? Does that have something to do with the decline in Confirmations?
  • A treatise on why it’s better to be a Slytherin than a Gryffindor (it has to do with following rules and morality and the fact I think Dumbledore was a smarmy hypocrite).
  • My parents are disgustingly cute. Mom’s traveling to Washington, DC for a conference for work, and Dad’s tagging along. He spent fifteen minutes on the phone telling me about all the things he was going to do, especially the National Zoo. Forgetting I’d been there just in November. “They’ve got BABY PANDAS!” “I know, Dad!”
  • Fiscal stewardship doesn’t just mean ‘pay your pledge’, but impacts all aspects of your life.
  • What denotes a fast in a land of big box stores?
  • Penance, modesty, discipline, and other words that are used more in the BDSM scene these days than in churches.

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