Something for Everyone

Richard gathers the two best responses to The Current Unpleasantness under one roof.

It’s like a choose your own adventure game!

IF you would like a theological approach that’s 26 pages long and cites bible passages and stuff, turn to the PDF of ++Morgan’s lecture.

IF you want something direct, to the point, and a reminder that we’re all baptised into one Body (whether we like it or not), turn to the statement from the Anglican Women gathered at the 51st Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women .

I waded through ++Morgan’s  lecture with great difficulty (ADD Child strikes again!) but found his theology and arguments sound.

In other news, I hereby nominate Dr. Jenny Te Paa as a candidate for Archbishop of Cantebury.  Why? She said this:

What these leaders have failed to realize is that the priority focus for Anglican women always has been the pressing issues of life and death which are daily facing too many of the women and children of God’s world — how can we compare the needless horrific suffering of women and girls being brutally raped when collecting firewood or water with the endless hysteria of male leaders wanting to debate whether gay men have full humanity or not? How can we compare the daily horror of living with war, with death, with utter human futility with the missiological preferences of those who want to argue a fine line argument about whose method of biblical interpretation is best? Now I know the comparisons may be seen as very unfair but for global Anglican women the unrelenting determinations of any church leader to distract us from our primary mission agenda to heal God’s world is what is also being seen not only as unfair but theologically reprehensible.

Whaddya mean I don’t get to vote on the ABC? Why not?

Ah, well, I guess she’ll just have to settle for being an honorary major general of the 82nd Division of the Little Old Churchlady Handbag Brigade.


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