Movie Review: Heart of the Game

Life should be fun. If your life isn’t fun, you should change it. 



Go get this movie right now. Right this instant. You need to see this film.


Heart of the Game follows the Roosevelt High School Roughriders Girls’ Basketball team for six years. The coach, Bill Resler, was a college tax law professor who decided, “Hey, I like basketball, I taught my three daughters to play basketball, I wonder what would happen if I applied for the coaching position at the high school.”

The movie focuses on the players, and the various struggles they go through. The main one’s about a player who gets pregnant and has to fight to stay on the team, but there’s also a storyline about one of the players pressing charges against the man who sexually abused her. 

And the instant that still is stuck in my mind is when one of the players missed a layup in the last seconds of an important game. She hit the floor, prostrate in grief. And before even any of her teammates who were on the boards to get to her, Coach Resler was running across the court. He lay down on the floor next to her, and put his arm around her shoulders. There’s no audio, so we don’t know what he said to her, but after a few seconds, he got up and walked back to the rest of the team. And she got up, too.

I don’t care what kind of fancy schmancy programs you have at your church or in your community to ‘improve teenagers’. THAT is what teenagers need– to know someone cares for them no matter what happens.

If you got this far and you’re still like, “Well, maybe if I see it at the video store in a year or two I’ll pick it up,” YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW OH MY GOD DON’T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE!


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