Prayer request

My grandmother (who’s the reason for the “Mary” in “Mary Sue”) is in the hospital with one of those “We don’t know what’s wrong with her, but a strong, relatively healthy, self-sufficient 80-something woman suddenly became disoriented and delirious and is running a high fever, let’s do some more tests!” things.

 Prayers would be appreciated.



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3 responses to “Prayer request

  1. Yes, Mary will be in my prayers, and I’ll be sure to keep her in mind and see her in the faces of my patients as I walk the hospital floors in the coming days . . . May God’s comfort descend on your family in this time.

  2. You got it, Mary Sue. Take care

  3. Praying hard. Presume they’ve eliminated the screamingly obvious, such as a urinary tract infection or low blood sugar?