Shut up, brain, or I’ll poke you with a Q-Tip!

I woke up this morning and was doing my usual lie-in-bed-and-wait for the alarm to go off thing. At that time of the morning, my brain is still filtering dreams and stuff, so I’m used to odd thoughts (got my last two novel ideas at this time of the morning).

 But then I realised my brain was trying to fit the words of the Phos Hilaron to a Rolling Stones song.

I really wonder about my brain, sometimes.



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2 responses to “Shut up, brain, or I’ll poke you with a Q-Tip!

  1. Jen

    You know, that might just work…

    I hate waking up 15 minutes before the alarm. Then all you can do is stare at it, because it’s not enough time to go back to sleep; yet you don’t want to be cheated out of your alloted sleep time, either.

  2. Er, which Rolling Stones song?