I’ve been thinking…

… ow.

Yes, yes, bad joke.

But who’s making the big noise and the big stink in the church right now?

Bishops, mostly.

What if we tossed all the bishops out on their ears?

Work with me for a minute. Let’s get together all the gays, all the lesbians, all the bisexuals and transgendered and the queer and our straight friends, and when the bishops step out for a cigarette, we lock the door closed behind them and refuse to let ’em back in.

 Hide the copes and chimeres. Take away their staffs. Snatch those fancy hats right off their heads.

What would happen if they came a’knocking, and we didn’t let them in. “Sorry, hon, we’re busy! Come back later when we’re finished doing the work of God.”

…well? Whaddya think?

‘Cause my other suggestion involves taking hatpins and poking their big ol’ swollen heads to let the fever-dreams of power and prestige out.



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4 responses to “I’ve been thinking…

  1. Lee

    I made a similar suggestion to some friends last night when we were out having drinks after Bible study (ah, Episcopalians…). It was deemed a bit too low church. 🙂

    [Edited by Mary Sue: Well, I was brought up Methodist, I’ve got an excuse!]

  2. I love it. When and where is this going down? I’ll be there! Can a Lutheran join in?

  3. The idea has some merit -but then we’d have to change our name again – we couldn’t be Episcopalians if we didn’t have any Episcopes.

    But, we could be loving Christians, loving liturgy and each other.

  4. I like to remind my fellow episcopalians that I didn’t join this church because it had bishops; I joined because it let me think about my faith.