Trust Exercises With The Almighty

Everyone has been to some kind of conference or retreat or something where they make you close your eyes and fall, and you’ve just got to trust the other people in your group will catch you.

I used to opt out of this exercise frequently. First of all, I usually weighed twice as much as the other participants, and was always afraid I’d sqoosh them flat. Second of all, I hate falling. No rollercoasters for me, nope. Finally, I really, really REE-HEE-HEE- HEEEALY have issues trusting people. [/Dr. Cox]

That goes double for invisible people in the sky. YEAH! THAT MEANS YOU, GOD!

The very day I post a notice on Craigslist that I’m looking for a new place to live, my supervisor calls me in and tells me my contract will be ending in two weeks.

So, March. It’s going to be fun.


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5 responses to “Trust Exercises With The Almighty

  1. Oh no! I’ll keep you in prayers — hopefully everything will come through!

  2. Oh dear goodness! Sorry to hear this!

    On a brighter note, your cassoulet recipes look great and I plan to try one or both in the near future…

    Hang in there

  3. Jen

    Augh. And I’m another who hates those trust exercises.

  4. I hate those exercises, too. And, while I’m visiting what’s left of my family in Mississippi this week, I’ll be keeping your employment prospects in my prayers. Okay, dammit, now get out there and hustle. We’re doing our part for ya.

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