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So, in case you couldn’t tell from the last post, I was subjected to Bad Preaching™ on Sunday (not at St. Thatguy, Thank God, but at the local Cathedral… which scares me beyond all reason).

Dave Walker found someone had linked to a comic he’d drawn on the very subject, and he recommended everyone go read the article linked, which is entitled, How To Survive While Listening to a Sermon. I think I’ll print it out and stick it in my prayerbook for reference.

Of course, I already do some of the things recommended, such as:

Strategy #4.
Analyze your disappointment with the sermon. It is not enough to relax in the pew and to say, in effect, to the preacher, “Amuse me.” When the sermon dribbles off into fuzzy inanities try to decide what need in you was left untouched by it.

I think the most amusing part of this article is it was probably written and certainly published around the time I was born (Fall 1979, according to the tag at the bottom, now you all know I’m just a sprog).

Edited to add: GO READ THIS ARTICLE (snagged off epiScope)! RIGHT NOW! DOOOOOO IT!


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  1. Jen

    Someone really needs to do a Cylon/colonial theological analysis. That would rock as a sermon/homily series. A lot of the time I don’t necessarily disagree with what’s being said, but how. For instance, one of hte priests at my parish did a homily about a living wage and abortion. The abortion bit felt really shoehorned in, and while I couldn’t fault him for what he was saying about it, it really wasn’t an issue–or shouldn’t have been–with people there. But it angered a lot of people, since they don’t like being preached to.

    the things that are just flat-out wrong theologically seem to be few and far between, for instance when a priest in California gave a homily about how those who don’t accept Christ won’t be saved–not even a Catholic viewpoint on salvation, since there’s no room for grace. I don’t know if it’s better to walk out, or stick it through, offer it up, and write a letter to the pastor of the parish.