Friday Playlist (with Bonus Moral Dilemma)!

Okay, so Into Great Silence is playing in the Portland International Film Festival on Saturday. I just found out. I’ve already put my name down over at NLM to shell out $40 for the DVD *IF* they get enough interest to distribute it in Region 1.

And smack in the middle of the three hour movie, I’m supposed to be at a Parish Planning Meeting. Like, a big one, with a facilitator and everything.

Crap. What do I choose?

Oh, well, I’ll figure it out later. On to the music [with commentary! Yay!].

  1. I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) – MPS Disney’s Hercules [my favorite ‘love theme’ from any Disney movie, ever]
  2. Caring is Creepy – The Shins
  3. Undercover of the Night – Rolling Stones
  4. Graceland – Paul Simon
  5. Happiness and Misery – Johnny Lang [insert bad joke about Primate’s Meeting here]
  6. Baila del Pepino – VeggieTales [Ok, so I hate VeggieTales. Pero este cancion es como mantequilla en un chango peron. Yes, you read that right.]
  7. I’ll Be Around – Duvall
  8. Santeria – Sublime
  9. The Blower’s Daughter – Damien Rice
  10. Cuban Pete – Jim Carey, MPS The Mask 

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One response to “Friday Playlist (with Bonus Moral Dilemma)!

  1. Jen

    Go!!! If you’re at all interested in monasticism, it’s a wonderful movie. It’s also 3 hours of near-silence, so if you aren’t into such things it could be like watching paint dry. I loved it.