Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Yeah, I’ve got recipes waiting for you, and I’m ALMOST done with the thing I’m writing on Why Daleks Scare Me To Death (and What That’s Got To Do With God), but first I just have to say,


Yes, I’m single.
Yes, I’m celibate.
Yes, I’ve got no money.

Why are you so surprised I’m celebrating?

I love St. Valentine’s Day. Not just because I get to spend all day talking about saints and people will listen, not just because I’m going to get ecards galore from my family and friends, not just because tomorrow’s Half-Priced Candy Day (a solemn and beautiful festival, to be sure)….


Today’s a day all about love.

Not that Pepto-Bismol pink crap Hallmark sells. Not the shag-everything that the commercials tell you is love.

‘Love’ as a word has been so overused that it’s bordering on ridiculous. And yet, “I love you” are three little worlds that can still move mountains and destroy safe little insular worlds. Love, true love, is when you reach out of your own safety and invite someone in, even though you cannot predict what they will do. You open all your defenses. Your focus is no longer on your own interests, but now include someone else’s.

Love. What a rush.

(Don’t tell anyone I’m a horrible romantic, it’ll ruin my street cred.)

So, crank up the speakers and sing along!



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4 responses to “Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

  1. OMG – That was the CUTEST thing!!!!! Thanks Mary Sue!

  2. I really really do……what fun!

  3. Thanks! This was just perfect, and just in time. I was starting to feel sorry for my Valentineless self.

  4. Bob

    Absolutely convincing. Thank you!