Some things to read

Scroll down and read everything that Rabbi Without a Cause says. Then go read what Rivka says. Then realise that THIS IS HAPPENING IN OUR CHURCHES TOO, PEOPLE! Even though I’m on the Vestry, even though I’m in the choir, even though I’m on a half dozen other committees in the teeny-tiny parish of St. Thatguy the Dude, within the last month I have spent coffee hour sitting at a table, alone, and no one talked to me.

And then go read the Velveteen Rabbi discuss liturgy, free verse, and form.

And then go write something interesting that doesn’t mention Primates, Dar Es Salaam, or schism. Because the Anglican Blogosphere is BORING TODAY OMG*DIEZ*!



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3 responses to “Some things to read

  1. Thanks for the link!

    And thanks also for pointing me toward the various conversations about people feeling alone or unwelcomed in various congregations. Sigh — I do suspect that’s a pretty universal phenomenon, and it’s miserable everywhere.

    (By the by, I love your blog’s subtitle. Hee.)

  2. Yeah, that’s definitely one of the reasons why I left Judaism. So far I’ve had no shortage of people wanting to talk to me at my parish, sometiems even too many for my introverted self! (Not that I’m complaining.)

  3. Thank you for the link.

    Years ago, I was at a different shul (synagogue) and it was so wonderfully warm and friendly and the people I know who are still there in leadership positions aren’t aware of a similar problem there. I know others who also have found support and true community in other shuls, so I know it is not a problem inherent to Judaism.

    I also have friends in Catholic and Lutheran churches who know that this is happening there. I don’t know the answer, but a faith community, it seems to me, should be as much about community as it is about faith.