Friday. You know what that means.

I bet you think this store is about you.
You're So Vain

Don’t you? Don’t you?!

Sorry. Feeling silly and cranky at the same time.

Green Lent— does what it says on the box.

Me– Getting up at DearGodwhydidyoumakemorningssobloodyearly o’clock tomorrow so I can go sit for an exam I passed four years ago, but the State of Oregon insists I must take before they license me as a teacher. Even though the exam is to ensure I have the skills common to 8th graders in California. Because I have a M.Ed. from a California university. I think someone once said “No one can make you feel stupid without your consent”, but educational bureaucracy sure as flying pig-monkeys does its best.

On to the music:

  1. His Name is Lancelot – Original Broadway Cast of Spamalot!
  2. My Beloved Monster – The Eels
  3. Return of the Singer – Kevin Max
  4. Hava Nagila – Ok, so I got this off of Napster about ten years ago, when it was free and the RIAA didn’t know about it. It’s a live recording, I know it’s some famous rock or punk band… but I don’t know who!
  5. Warlocks – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  6. Cosmic Castaway – Electrasy
  7. Mal Decides – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Serenity
  8. Get It Like You Like It – Ben Harper
  9. Hey Now Now – Michael Franti
  10. One – U2


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2 responses to “Friday. You know what that means.

  1. I hope your exam goes well! I’m getting up ridiculously early, too, to fly to Chicago. Hopefully the zombie-state associated with waking up around 4am will be mitigated somewhat by the fact that I get to use Christmas money to buy myself a cassock (hopefully) when I get there.

  2. A punk Hava Nagila?

    Dearest Mary Sue, could you hear the SQUEEEEEE I let out just now? We must haves it, precioussss!