Alternating Between Amnesia and Terror

I keep forgetting. And then I remember. And then I start freaking out. And then my brain represses. Dal capo.

I may-possibly be doing some cantoring at Easter. In Latin. When my parents will be visiting. My parents, who are still horrified their good, snake-belly low Methodist daughter wound up a smelly-belly Anglo-Catholic.

*freaks right the ever-living frell out*


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4 responses to “Alternating Between Amnesia and Terror

  1. Jen

    Cool! I love some of the chants around easter and Holy Week. Come to think of it, Tridiuum is my favorite time of year period. And I’m stuck at a conference this year. At least I’m not presenting on Good Friday. Low bloodsugar and general asshattery in the Q&A don’t mix.

    Yeah most of my dad’s family is low-church Methodist. But they’re weird. I’ve discovered some who’re all-but-Episcopalian/Catholic/Orthodox. And right now my favorite book on the rosary is by a methodist minister. (“Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy.”)

  2. Could be worse, you could have turned out as a pentecostal! Now put on some Cliff Richard music and say 57 hail Mary’s before breakfast, then you shall be cleansed!

  3. Steve, I was, for about 6 months in 2002 (until they threw me out and I found the Episcopal Church).

  4. You gonna be great, don’t sweat it!
    I sing the Exsultet every year for the Easter Vigil and this year I have decided to sing it en español.
    If you have been asked to do the cantoring, they obviously respect your talent and expertise.
    You gonna be great, sistah!