Can’t schism today. Working.

I REALLY wanted to write today about issues of race in the Episcopal Church (as a Hispanic person in an African-American parish, it kind of hits me where I live), but all my spare time at work is going to be taken up.

 Y’see, a church literally up the road from Current!Parish burned to the ground, and they’re going to need coffee and cookies and shoulders as they try to dig through the ruins to see what’s salvageable.

You know, it’s great and all that people are trying to come up with identifying labels to differentiate themselves from The Others, but damnit, I’m a Christian. As a subset of that, I’m an Episcopalian. There ain’t enough of us filling the pews and going to that altar on Sunday to need subclasses of Episcopalian right now.

Now, can I get enough people down there to make sandwiches before noon?


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