Oooh, this is a FUN game! *poings*

The Raspberry Rabbit pointed me to Greg Griffith, who is the latest player in the new meme taking over the Anglican Blogosphere, Telling the Holy Spirit What To Do Predicting the Outcome of the Primate’s Meeting.

Greg and the Rabbit didn’t tag me, but I wanted to play anyway. YAY!

Here are my predictions as to what will happen after the meeting (for a soundtrack, start humming the Imperial March from Star Wars [i.e., Darth Vader’s Theme] right here).




After the meeting:

  • I will still be an Episcopalian.
  • I will still be an Anglican.
  • I will still need to find someone to cover for me at the Convocation Youth Planning Meeting.
  • I will still not be ready for Lent. *flails* 

In other words: I’ll still be, and I’ll know God.

*giggles madly*


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