Variations on a Meme

Before we get to the Friday Playlist (now with a radical twist!) I need to point y’all to  this petition. Because Southern Methodist University is planning on spending half a BILLION dollars on the George W. Bush Memorial Library.

I know there’s a couple of Methodists wandering through, so please please PLEASE consider signing this petition. I’m going to send a strongly worded letter to SMU.

*shakes head* People are SO STUPID, God, why do you keep associating with us?

Anyway, today’s Super-Happy-Shiny-Whatever-I-Called-It Playlist Meme will be the same deal as usual, put the whole media player on shuffle. But it will NOT have the titles and artists! HAH! Instead, I’m giving you the first line(s) of each song. If you’re really bored, you can try and guess ’em (no Googling!) I’ll tell you what they are later. Maybe.

1. I had a friend named Ramblin’ Bob, he used to steal, gamble and rob.

2. When you sleep, where do your fingers go? What do your fingers know?

3. Everybody needs love!

4. Somebody up in here tonight needs a breakthrough and you came here looking, expecting for something to happen for you.

5. Baby got an atom bomb, twenty-two megatonnes.

6. Hustle bustle, and so much muscle, oh, cells about to seperate and I find it hard to concentrate.

7. Some folks say that smoking herb is a crime. If they catch you smoking, they’re bound to drop a dime.

8. Oompa loompa, oompa loompa… Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

9. I drank sixteen doubles for the price of one, trying to find the courage to talk to one, I asked her for a dance, not a second chance, the night had just begun!

10. Say, one, two, three, take my hand and come with me.



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2 responses to “Variations on a Meme

  1. I’ve passed the petition on to Methodist friends — hopefully they’ll sign it. Some of the faculty from the Perkins School of Theology there have already come out against the library.

  2. Amy

    The first one is definitely “In the Jailhouse Now” by the Soggy Bottom Boys! Love it!