The Current Unpleasantness

The fasting recipe of the week will go up later (mmmm, burritos!) but I have something I need to say first. 

I got to know Fr. Jake’s blog through his wife Demi’s blog. And they’re both still on my Bloglines, but I can’t read 85% of what Jake puts out.

Mostly ’cause I find it boring. Sorry, dude, it’s the truth, there’s only so much “Oh, lookit what is going on now! WOE, DAMNITS, WOE!” I can handle before coffee. Like I’ve said several times in the comments, “Unless the Presiding Bishop of Nigeria is going to show up at the door of my parish on Saturday and block the hungry people what are coming to get fed, he can rant and rail at me from halfway around the world. I’m not going to let it fly, mind you, I’m just not going to let it get in the way of me doing God’s work.”

(I think it would be interesting to see the Presiding Bishop of Nigeria going up against the little grandmothers in my parish who run the Saturday lunch. I’d put my money on the grandmothers.)

So, today I’m skimming, and Fr. Jake’s got some quotes from Dylan that I agreed with when I read it on her blog, and some stuff from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, whatevs, and then he says:

The Church as we once knew it is no more. And that is sad, but also frightening in some ways.

Okay. That’s a valid feeling. However, I joined the Episcopal Church of the United States of America in 2003. After a little diocese in New Hampshire elected themselves a bishop. I know I’ve told y’all about stumbling into the Cathedral down in Sacramento, but I didn’t start the membership process until after +Robinson was elected and consecrated.

My experience in the Episcopal Church has been short, I admit. I don’t know what romantic notions other people hold about the ‘glorious past’ of the ECUSA, because I wasn’t around. But, as a trained historian, let me tell you what I tell everyone who keeps looking back over their shoulders, trying to grasp a glimpse of the glorious city God is leading them away from: The past wasn’t as bright and shiny as you might remember.



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2 responses to “The Current Unpleasantness

  1. Gabe Lamazares

    I’m right there with ya, sister. I didn’t join the Episcopal Church until after +Gene’s consecration either. It was a real, concrete sign to me that the Episcopal Church was willing to take a risk and go the distance around the dignity of gay and lesbian people and our ministry. Glad I’m here now tho!

  2. James

    Amen, and amen! I can’t agree more; any organization that won’t chage is in rigor mortis but just doesn’t know it.