The Revolution Will Be Internalized. Also, a geek-out.

Pisco wants to get into a throwdown analysis of the spiritual components of Firefly and Serenity. Serenity’s the 2 hour movie, Firefly is the 14 hours of television it’s based on, from the sick, sick, twisted, utterly fabulous mind of the Almighty Joss Whedon.

I have the comics, the R. Tam Sessions, the novels, and my local Browncoat group got the Grizwold. So, I’m gonna have to go back to all my fansites and pull down the several thousand words of analysis I’ve already laid down on the subject (including my pet theory: Shepherd Book Was Not An Operative, Damnit, And Here’s Why) and all y’all are going to SUFFER MY GEEKITUDE! BWAHAHAAAA!


Moving on….

Here I was on the raggedy edge, trolling the Internets and I found this vocation ad for the Norbertines circa 1969. The second point on there is:

  • You believe in reforming yourself before reforming the Institution.

Bwuhuhwha? Waitaminute, I’m very confused. Everything I’ve heard from both wings of the Church indicates that once we get rid of the ‘undesireable elements’, we will all be free to become the best damn Christians we can be, with the help of, you know, the Holy Spirit and stuff, but we can’t worry about that right now because FIRST WE MUST CLEAN HOUSE (where’s my bullwhip?)

People like to trot out that scripture where Jesus went after the moneychangers in the Temple, but look at it chronologically. That came at the very end of his public ministry, not at the beginning. He did a lot of work (and changed a whole bunch of lives) before he got medieval on the moneychangers.

There’s a lot of focus in Christianity (especially the more ascetic branches) on sleep as a metaphor for death. Therefore, these schools of thought treat waking up as a new birth, and emphasize starting the day out with something that reminds immediately of Whom the individual Christian belongs to. There’s the example of the Prayer to the Holy Trinity written by St. Basil the Great:

As I rise from sleep I thank You, O Holy Trinity, for Your loving-kindness and patience. You were not angered with me, even though I am an idler and a sinner; nor have You destroyed me because of my sins. Rather, You have shown unchanging love for me. You have raised me up from bed so that I may sing the morning praise and glorify Your power. And now, enlighten the eyes of my mind and open my lips to study Your words, to understand Your commandments and to do Your will; to sing to You in heartfelt adoration and to praise Your most Holy Name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now, always and forever. Amen.

Got a little hellfire, got a little granola crunch, seems like a good place to start your day.

 Sure beats my usual morning “Holy crap! I’m alive! Uh, thank you God…”


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