Friday You-Are-Seriously-Damaging-My-Calm Playlist Meme

If you know what film that quote is from, you’re a big geek. Congratulations!

Anyway, having a rough day at work, so the iPod is NOT going on shuffle. Instead, I’m treating you to the top 10 in my Most Frequently Played list. Because these songs make me happy. AND I NEED TO BE HAPPY TODAY! *grinds teeth*

I’m going to tell you why these songs make me happy, too. After the cut.

1. Short Skirt, Long Jacket — Cake

All Cake songs remind me of high school and dancing the tango in my friend’s parents’ living room.

2. Vertigo — U2

Girl with crimson nails, Jesus ’round her neck, swinging to the music… oh, hello!

3. March of Cambreath — Heather Alexander

Bagpipes kick butt. And that’s pretty much the it.

4. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) — The Proclaimers

It’s a good song to bounce up and down singing at the top of your lungs in the Denny’s bathroom at 1am (What? It is!).

5. Down to the River to Pray — Alison Kraus

Fun bonus fact: my very first ever vocal solo in 20 years of singing was this, which is also one of my favorite old-timey hymns ever, even before O Brother, Where Art Thou? introduced it to everyone else, so it’s funny how that worked out.

6. Song 2 — Blur

The best song to start a road trip with.

7. Soolaimon — Neil Diamond

I have a stuffed bear with a t-shirt that says “I (heart) Neil Diamond”. I got it at his concert in 2003. Because I totally (heart) Neil Diamond.

8. Sheep Go to Heaven — Cake

More Cake! YAY! This is, however, from the album where they totally gave up on the concept of having lyrics that made sense.

9. Sellout — Reel Big Fish

Again with the high school memories. This time, it’s the band bus and holding my best friend’s wierd AM/FM radio half out the window to get reception.

10. Weapon of Choice — Fatboy Slim

I used to obsessively watch the music video to this, to the point where I’ve pretty much got it memorized and can see Christopher Walken dancing in my mind’s eye when it plays. Which is amusing to me.

Bonus Track: Arco Arena — Cake

As far as I can recall, this is the only insturmental track on any Cake CD. Every time I go to visit the Parents, I have to drive past Arco Arena to and from the airport. It used to be stuck out in the middle of fields, and that’s what this song evokes. Now, though, it’s surrounded by strip malls and McMansions, and the song manages somehow to still be relevant, almost mocking of these upstarts while honoring the ghosts of the rice dryers that used to dot this plain.


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  1. MadPriest loves to give me trouble for stuff on my list BUT YOU (HEART) NEIL DIAMOND!!!! I am, I said!!! I think you more than (hearts) Cake.
    Thanks for sharing your High School memories; when I was in high school we listened to wax cylinders of Thomas Edison reciting the alphabet. “A” he’d say, followed by “b”; then “c”. . .