Revenge of the Perspective

Oh, boy.

 Yesterday’s perspective came about because of a blogging slapfight discussion in the comments of a blog. I usually don’t let myself get drawn into these kind of slapfights discussions because:

1) I hate theological language. I hate all professional language, actually, I think it’s a vile form of doublespeak (which was crystalized when I got a B+ in withitness). And since I hate theological language, I don’t use it, which means the amateur sophists start tossing the three-dollar theological terms around like they mean something, and then try to dismiss me when I don’t use them as ill-educated.

2) I’ve trained at the collegiate level in forensics (that’s the debate kind, not the dead bodies kind), which means I hatehatehate it when people resort to flying fallacies. Which happens so. damn. often. in these situations.

3) I’m trying to be a more peaceable person, after the example of Jesus as interpreted by St. Francis. And that includes in my speech with other people. Even on the Interwebs. I’m not perfect at it, but I keep working it. And part of that is to not go into every discussion with my belief guns blazing, ready to drop any counterarguments with an explosive spray of words. And the best way to keep myself from sinning in these discussions is to excuse myself from them.

Anyway, back to the current slapfight discussion. Someone got all het up because I dared to suggest what someone else believes is none of my damn business. Now, I didn’t say that other people couldn’t fret over what other people believe until they drop dead of a stress-induced heart attack, but I quit caring about that a while ago, in a resolution to stop being such an annoying busybody.

I was then told that I am not an Episcopalian/Anglican if I don’t stick my nose in other people’s beliefs and poke them until they realigned themselves with the Wun Twoo Kirche.


First of all, where’s that in the Book of Common Prayer, and second of all… Shit, if that’s a requirement, I quit! I’ll go be a Wiccan before I become the Thought Police.



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2 responses to “Revenge of the Perspective

  1. I thought you might appreciate this quotation:

    “A theology which insists on the use of certain particular words and phrases, and outlaws others, does not make anything clearer (Karl Barth). It gesticulates with words, as one might say, because it wants to say something and does not know how to express it.”
    Wittgenstein, 1950

  2. Craig Goodrich

    On jargon, perhaps you can console yourself with the thought that theology has had a couple of thousand years to build up its vocabulary of impenetrable polysyllables and _still_ hasn’t got nearly as many as the average social science less than a century old. Although most theological ones are from Greek, which I think gives you a Double Word Score or something.