I’m a little angry at the world right now, so some things I want to write on self-denial and discipline are coming out as: ” *expletive*in’ *expletive**expletive* and a *expletive* with a *expletive* cherry on its *expletive*!”

Someone once told me that if you were really saved, Jesus took away your angry thoughts.
I laughed pretty hard.

Anywho, Fr. Chris posted a little video that made my day. Go. Look at it! (Because WordPress won’t let me embed the *expletive* thing).



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3 responses to “Interlude

  1. You remind me of a conviction that if I could write a book about indulgence as a spiritual discipline, I could make a fortune.

    Thanks for stopping by on my site. Come again.

  2. Does this mean I’m not supposed to use the phrase STABBY DEATH anymore? Darn.

  3. Jen

    I know what you mean…I haven’t wanted to blog lately because most of it would come out as kvetching about other blogs.