How God teaches me humility and patience

I was vacuuming the living room with our vacuum cleaner that is a near cousin of a Dustbuster.

I leaned it on my thigh and bent over to pick up a cridinki that the vacuum wouldn’t pick up. The vacuum started to slide, and I went to grab for it.

And fell down.

And threw out my back, bad enough that I missed work yesterday.

Stop laughing. It’s not fair when I can’t laugh with you.



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3 responses to “How God teaches me humility and patience

  1. I’m in ur hoover, droppin ur cridinkis.
    I hope that you feel better soon!
    Padre Mickey

  2. Jen

    Owie…those back injuries really hurt. 3 years ago I wrenched my back on a printer, and it still hurts from time to time.

  3. I did that bending over to spit out my toothpaste one morning. The world is an incredibly dangerous place! At least you had an electrical appliance involved — it seems much more legitimate to throw one’s back out if a vacuum is involved. Sort of like how most people break legs in skiing accidents and such, and I do the same tripping on a piece of air someone negligently left on the sidewalk. Oy!

    Hope you back feels better soon. Prayers for healing headed your way. 🙂