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Stumbled across this article by David Goode in my travels around the Internet, and I found it interesting. It’s a PDF, be warned. And it’s also got some moralising of its own going on, but it’s an interesting read.

Morals and penance: punishing vice in East Anglia on the eve of the sixteenth century

A look at the punishment of immorality and vice in East Anglia at the close of the fifteenth century, with examples taken from the visitation of 1499 of the vacant see of Norwich, recorded in the Episcopal Register of Cardinal John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury. The paper contrasts the self-righteous attitude towards morality of many of today’s Christians with the surprisingly humane attitude to its punishment on the eve of the sixteenth century.


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  1. I’m constantly amazed at how horrible Christians can be to one another. I think a lot of the problem stems from fundamentalists–they consider their way to be the “pure” way, and everyone else is wrong. It’s that whole GWB “If you aren’t with us you’re against us” BS. How do you reason with them? There’s no room for redemption, variety, or metaphor in their worldview.