10 cents a minute

That’s how much the Internet access at the youth hostel costs.

Anyway, preliminary report on the Investiture of Bp. Katharine Jefferts Schori:


And you can quote me on that.

More will come on Wednesday or therabouts. As for now, I’m going to go poke at the holes I wore in my feet from all the walking. And possibly go smack the contingent of American Christian Patriots I’m cohabitating with with my BCP/NRSV.

In Christian Love, of course.



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2 responses to “10 cents a minute

  1. Are they of the NIV-waving crowd? I got stuck on retreat with one, who was rabidly anti-Catholic. Why she was at a Catholic monastery is beyond me, then. We’re talking Hillary Faye clone, here. Prayers that you don’t kill them and dump their bodies in shallow graves…

  2. I think they need exorcism m’self.