A Conversation

Me: People are really starting to annoy me.

Culturally Buddhist Coworker: Wha’d [Enduser] do now?

Me: No, this is about my trip. People are getting their knickers in a twist.

CBC: You’re going with your church, right?

Me: Kind of. I mean, it involves my church on the national level, and so many people are cranky about it that they’re starting to harsh my mellow, man.

CBC: Why?

Me: Because the leader we elected is a woman, oh noes! Flee! The sky is falling!

CBC: Pfft. They need to get a life.

Me: Seriously. I’m all, “Ok, so I’ve got to pack, arrange transport to and from the airport, figure out what I’m going to wear to the party, finish up my price hold reports, brief my backup on current situations in my queue, and wonder if I’m going to have a phobia-induced panic attack somewhere over the Midwest. I don’t have time to worry about piddly crap like whether or not my presiding bishop’s gender offends some yabo’s delicate nature.”

CBC: That’s right, you tell them.

Me: I’m going to have a good time on this trip, or else. And anyone who gets between me and a good time is going the the right way for a smacked bottom. In Christian charity, of course.


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  1. As a sign that I really do need to get out of tech support (and that I’ve cleaned way too much spyware off other people’s computers), my first thought when you talked about smacking people’s bottoms in Christian charity was, “Gee didn’t prof X have that infecting his/her computer?”

    I know what you mean, though. Come election time, I’m thinking of either converting to Zoroastorianism or getting really drunk because of the pressure in some corners to vote for a certain party, just because I happen to be Catholic.