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During the Eucharistic Prayer at your PoW*, are there any local saints mentioned regularly? I.E, “In the communion with the Blessed Virgin Mary, our patron [Thatguy], Bl. [Guy who Founded Parish], and all the company of heaven…”



And now, for fun, stolen from Monastic Mumblings, How People of Faith Read a Stop Sign

1. A postmodernist deconstructs the sign (knocks it over with his car), ending forever the tyranny of the north-south traffic over the east-west traffic.

Damn, I should like, you know, stop editing my blog and work and stuff… as soon as I point you to this Something Positive comic. Outside of this Holy Ghost Stories plotline, the copmic is pretty much NSFPWAEO**.

*Place of Worship
**Not Safe For People Who Are Easily Offended



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  1. From the Eucharist prayer I use — it’s from what will be Rite I of the missal some of us in the Indie movement are working on:

    In communion with and honoring the memory of Blessed Mary, Mother of Jesus, Blessed Joseph, her spouse, Saint Mary of Magdala, the first Apostle, (on feast days) Saint N., whom we commemorate today, and all your children who have fallen asleep, grant that for their sake we might be guarded and aided by your protection. Amen.

  2. I’m in a low-church zone of Canada, so the saints usually get short shrift…exept when I’m leading the prayers, and then we get the BVM, the patronal saint and the saints whose feasts are in the coming week. The congregation just blinks.

  3. At St. Andrew’s (school, not parish) we usually get “blessed Andrew.” But the real fun is in the PoP* when we name bishops… for a while, we had “Frank, our presiding bishop; Katherine, our presiding bishop-elect; Don and Rayford, our bishops; and Dena, our bishop coadjutor-elect.”

    *Prayers of the People

  4. Chris T – Oh, that’s pretty. And long. But I like long. But some people don’t.

    Aaron – I wholeheartedly support making congregations go blinky. Hee.

    Clint – Hah! Most excellent.

  5. I’m at a Dominican parish, so sometimes Dominican saints (Dominic, Catherine, Martin de Porres) would be mentioned.