Talking about Church Without Talking About Church.

This article has been making the rounds of various places I hang out. I don’t know Rod Dreher from Adam, so I can’t comment on him or his recent ‘shocking’ conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy. But I still read the article, because I like reading conversion stories, to see how people reached the current place in their spiritual journeys. I sure hope Mr. Dreher finds joy and peace in his parish, especially once the spiritual high of the new convert wears off.

However, one thing he said struck me right between the eyes and won’t let go.

What’s more, I had become the sort of Catholic who thought preoccupying himself with Church controversies and Church politics was the same thing as preoccupying himself with Christ. Me and my friends would go on for hours and hours about what was wrong with the Church, and everything we had to say was true. But if you keep on like that, it will have its effect. One night, some Catholic friends left after a long and vivid night of conversation, and Julie and I reflected that we had all spent the entire evening talking about the Church — but never mentioned Jesus.

Let that sink in a minute, O Christian bloggers. Whom are we spending our time talking about?

I, personally, would like to give thanks to God today for Dayquil.



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2 responses to “Talking about Church Without Talking About Church.

  1. An apt comment for people on both sides of the Christian blogosphere…You get hit with the flu that’s going around? Seems like everyone around me has a bad case of it.