College Student Rocks World Religious Leaders with Pronouncement

Jeremey Buckley, a college student at the University of Nebraska, rocked the world’s religious leaders yesterday with his article entitled, “Religion Does Not Always Make Sense to All”.

The Pope addressed Mr. Buckley’s article in his Wednesday Angelus message by saying, “Jeez, sorry guys, I thought we’d made it pretty darn clear with the love God and love your neighbors stuff… Oh, well, better luck next time.” The Dalai Lama reportedly started laughing so hard that he was crying, at which point he said, “Good joke.”

Not all religious leaders took such a light tone with Buckley’s remarks. “You will all burn!” said the guy on Hawthorne. “You will all burn for your hedonistic ways! Hey! Hey you! Wanna buy some weed? Heathen!”

The remarks from the Chabad representatives manning the portable sukkah outside of The Bagdad Pub and Theater seems to sum up the majority of the opinions of regular religious people. “Has he even tried to understand religion?” The Chabad representative scoffed, “Or is he just judging it based on what he’s learned from television and movies?”



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