100th post!

And boy, I wish it was something more deep and meaningful. I am working on a deep and meaningful essay (so what if it’s based on a scifi movie, and All Things Seen and Unseen beat me to it?) but my real-world job is in this interesting phase called “End of Fiscal Year”, which means I’m just about up to my ears in all the wacky fun I could ever want.

I must add the response at A Certain Church to the General Convention. One of our parishoners was an alternate, but I didn’t get to talk to her much because she was caring for the babies and I was on coffee-handing-out duty (these aren’t official rostered duties, they’re just gigs that people pick up as they see a need). Anyway, before the Prayers of the People, my (female) priest (ordained 22 years this week) said, “Well, this time last week we were praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit– hallelujah! Praise Jesus!” and my (female) deacon (ordained 23 years ago last week) led the applause and laughter.

So, now I leave you with a couple of quotes to ponder:

From Hellboy:

Seargeant: Are you a Catholic?
Professor: Yes, among other things.

From Serenity:

Jayne: Shepherd used to tell me, “If you can’t do something smart, do something right.”


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  1. This is your blogcentennial! Yaaaaaay!