Anyone read 1Timothy lately?

Okay, follow the bouncing ball: An Inch At A Time pointed to Meditato‘s post General Convention: Monday, Monday. John+ says,

One 18 year-old deputy saw right through the duplicity of it all. He noted that the last resolve apologizes to gay men and lesbians for the actions of this resolution, and pointed out that if we need to apologize for it, why are we doing it in the first place?

And then Susan+ says:

Quite a contrast to Special Committee member Dan Martins (San Joaquin) whose advice to Convention was to “hold your nose and vote for this.”

Let those who have eyeballs comprehend.

In other GC2006 news…. They still haven’t consented on the election of Rev. Canon Barry Beisner! *flails*

GET OVER IT, PEOPLE! We don’t need the ecclesiastically and politically correct in the top slots right now. We need the best person for the gig. Canon Barry is the best person for the gig.

Do I need to come over there? Seriously, I’ll bring my booty-kicking boots.


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