Meer meer meer.

Where have I been?

Procrastination. Population: Me. Took a side trip through Depression.

To sum up in TeacherWords, my spiritual director gave me back my Rule of Life for revising. Again.

Some parts are too vauge. Some parts are too restrictive. The whole thing’s too long.

I’m about to throw it down on the ground, buy a WWJD? bracelet and join the local bastion of the Health and Wealth gospel.

Making my own choices and being disciplined on my own is HARD!

Right now, I’m waiting for my Hippie Don’t-Get-Sick Herb Tablets to dissolve in hot water, which takes for-flaming-ever. I’ve got a cubiclebuddy who’s sick, and I’m going to be on airplanes a lot this weekend, so I really don’t want to catch anything.

And such is the life of the fake nun. Meer, meer, meer, liek, woah.


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