DaVinci Code vs. Hudson Hawk, and I Don’t Care About Anglican Politics

This is a two-part post, because I’ve got two things I really want to talk about, and they are nowhere near related. So if you don’t care about movies, skip to the asterisks, if you don’t care about Anglican politics, stop reading after the asterisks, and if you are bored already, go learn important life lessons from Ebenezer and Snootch.

So. The DaVinci Code. Didn’t like the book, it was boring. Don’t like Tom Hanks, he’s creepy. Do like Alfred Molina, but he’s not in it enough for me to actually make the effort to see the movie. Instead, I rented Hudson Hawk.

Hudson Hawk, for those of you who have never heard of it, is a comedy from 1991 starring Bruce Willis as a cat burglar just released from jail. He and his partner in crime (Danny Aiello), get caught between the CIA and a multinational corporation’s quest for world domination (the completely insane heads of teh evol corporation are Richard Grant and Sandra Bernhard) using Leonardo Da Vinci’s Maquina de Oro. Since the Vatican owns most of Da Vinci’s stuff, they get involved, too (their rep is played by Andie MacDowell).

Meanwhile, Bruce and Danny sing, stuff blows up, there’s great commentary on the cultural turmoil from the early 90s, and, as a caffeine addict, I can completely understand Bruce’s quest throughout the movie to just get a cappuchino.

Final score: Hudson Hawk 1, DVC 0 — Go rent Hudson Hawk.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Now, on to church politics, and the ramp-up to General Convention 2006. Has anyone noticed that the self-proclaimed Prophets of the Destruction of the Anglican Communion keep pushing back the Day of Doom! farther and farther? They were all certain it was going to be when the Dio.Cal elected a new bishop (and as Fr. Jake pointed out, there are more than three dioceses in CA, mea culpa). But oh, noes, that didn’t happen, so they’re circling GC06 like a pack of vultures. So much hot air is floating around, the Snarkwors and the Nom-Noms are circling their wagons, words are being exchanged, plans are being made for “When It Happens”.

And honestly? I don’t care any more. Split, don’t split, what the flaming ever. If I woke up Sunday and the Anglican Communion was no more, I’d still be heading down to A Certain Church for the celebration of the Eucharist. If I woke up tomorrow and the Anglican Communion was no more, I’d still be heading down to A Certain Church to help feed the hungry coming to our door.

I just want to grab some of the bloggers and pundits and yes, even priests and bishops on both sides of the fence, who are making such a fuss, and gather them in a room, and clap my hands and say, “People, people, PEOPLE! No more frelling talk! There are mouths to feed and hands to hold and graves to dig and tears to wipe away! We’ve got a job to do, now get to work!”



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2 responses to “DaVinci Code vs. Hudson Hawk, and I Don’t Care About Anglican Politics

  1. Hudson Hawk is a great movie. I love the two of them singing while they pull of the job. 🙂

  2. Sounds brilliant. Totally going on my Netflix queue. 🙂