Prayer Requests

Pisco has a question for everybody. How do you go about organizing your prayer lists?

Mtr. Mother always gives me three things in my Christmas stocking: a toothbrush, a grocery bag of tchotchkies and pens she picked up at trade shows, and a very fancy, very expenisve journal. This year’s is about 3×5 inches and covered in handpainted watered silk. The first seventeen pages or so are labeled with days of the week and my family and friends are divided amongst them (I restricted family to first level, and it’s about 59-62 people). The back pages are filled up with individual situations as they come up, and they get little stars when they no longer apply. A Certain Church has an insert in the bulletin every week, two pages, tiny font, that is the prayer intentions for the parish (and every name on that list is read, out loud, during the Prayers of the People). It gets folded up and stuck in the back of the journal. I carry it with me in my purse, so when I’m digging through looking for a candy and have a minute or three, I open it up and scroll through.

I also signed up recently for, which is basically an online version of my expensive paper journal. I haven’t fiddled around with it much, yet (bleaurghy), but for those of us who spend our days traveling from computer to computer, it could be useful.

While you’re here, I’d like to point you all to this article by *Christopher, who says some things that I’ve been thinking about, but says them much better than I could (poke me with a stick if you want to hear why I call Seminary “The S Word of Doom”). It’s a long one, but it’s worth reading, re-reading, then printing out and leaving in strategic places in your church (such as the sacristry, the discernment director’s mailbox, and that pew that’s full of all those people who show up every Sunday but turn down every ministry opportunity offered to them).


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  1. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I’ve got a combination prayer/penitence journal now, and checked out People2Pray, although I wasn’t really that impressed with it.