Feast of St. Julian of Norwich

I still can’t believe it. Barry is gonna be a bishop.

Of course, I keep saying, “I know that guy!”, and everyone is like, “You know +Andrus?” and I’m like, “Dude, no the OTHER guy.” and they’re like, “There was another guy? And seriously, stop bouncing, how much coffee did you have?” and I’m like, “Ten cups!” and they’re like, “Sister! Get off the ceiling! You’re gonna leave fingerprints!”

California is freaky-wierd when it comes to Episcopalians. Which should be expected, since, you know, California. Three diocese: Diocese of California (Dio.Cal), Diocese of Northern California (Dio.NorCal), and the Diocese of San Joaquin (Dio.SJ).

The Dio.Cal has its Cathedral in San Francisco, and includes Berkeley and all of Middle California. I’ll leave the determination of their political slant as an exercise for the class.

The Dio.SJ is Los Angeles, which to someone from North of Fresno means everything South of Bakersfield (Fresno on that map is covered up by the word ‘California’). They don’t ordain nor allow women to be priests. I’m not even going into that right now, because it’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.

The Dio.NorCal has its Cathedral in Sacramento, and it encompasses everything north, all the way to the Oregon border. There is a lot of variety in that much acerage, beaches, mountains, plains, vineyards and orchards, cities and suburbs, liberal college towns and conservative strongholds. In Sacramento alone, there are 126 seperate languages spoken by the schoolchildren.

The Dio.NorCal, my friends, is the one to watch. They are dealing with the same Culture Competition that the entire Anglican Communion is dealing with, but on an individual level.

Also? When you’ve drank* a whole bunch of coffee and are blathering on about how much you hate sheep because you used to have to help your grandmother with hers, make sure you’re not talking to your priest right before Good Shepherd Sunday, ’cause she will TOTALLY quote you in her sermon.

*I can’t help the amount of coffee I drank, I just got a shipment of Bishop’s Blend in, after being out for most of a month and surviving on instant and Blue Gardenia, which is good but not as good as Bishop’s Blend, and is also wayyy more expensive. Plus, every time I go in there, I leave with a cinnamon roll.



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  1. Sounds like California really won this weekend. 🙂 I’m totally bewildered that anyplace in California won’t ordain women. What the hell?

  2. You and me both, Chris.

    Being from Northern California all my life, I have the firm, ingrained belief that everything South of Bakersfield is utterly useless and actually an outer ring of Hell.

    Except for Disneyland.

  3. I’ve been to L.A., and Sr. MH has it about right. What. A. Dump. Even when I drove through Beverly Hills briefly, it had an aura of the faintly shabby about it, although maybe that was just a bad part of town.

    I don’t particularly want to go back, ever. It does surprise me that they won’t ordain women there though. I wonder why.

  4. Congrats to Barry.

    Let’s not forget the diocese of El Camino Real (between SF and LA on the coast), the diocese of Los Angeles, and the diocese of San Diego. CA’s a big place.

    J. (formerly of ECR, now somewhere in the pine barrens of New Jersey)

  5. *is embarrassed*

    Fr. Jake, you’re totally right. I blame the coffee.