An Episcopalian Donkey

Deacon Chata was up to bat for the sermon yesterday, and we had a little giggle at her expense, ’cause she totally lost her notes and was wandering around the altar area looking for them.

Then she got up on the pulpit and went for it, extemporaneously.

I have to confess, I rarely remember anything at all from the sermon (beyond the fact that we had one). But I remember this little bit, it was a total tangent in the middle of the sermon.

That donkey must have been an Episcopalian. He’d been eating the same food year after year. Walking the same paths over and over again. Always in the same field.

You know, writing it down, now it seems flat and I really don’t know why I wanted to tell you this. Oh well, let the reader understand (whatever it is the reader wants to understand).


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