This is Not a Christian Nation

I know I’m going to burst some people’s bubbles, but it’s true. No matter how many times you say it, the United States is not a Christian nation. Yes, there’s the Pilgrim angle, and there is anecdotal evidence to the effect that a good number of the Founding Mothers and Fathers were X brand of Christian. However, there’s also Pennsylvania, built to be a stronghold of religious freedom, and the vast amount of writing by various Founding Fathers espousing deisim, which can also be called God as Clockmakerisim.

Okay, so you want to skip the Founding Mothers and Fathers argument. Fine. You say that because there are lots of people running around this country calling themselves Christians and getting elected to higher office, that that makes this a Christian nation.

Nope, sorry.

What would make this a Christian nation?

When 15% of Americans didn’t go hungry every night and 58% weren’t overweight.

When the mentally ill had readily available and accessible shelter, healthcare, and counseling outside of the prison system.

When our elders and youngsters didn’t have to worry about getting sick and affording their prescriptions, let alone a trip to the doctor, because they don’t have any insurance at all.

When every child born can be assured of a loving, caring, safe home; whether it’s with their biological parents or with adoptive parents, and abortion is therefore obsolete.

When we do not hire ‘professionals’ to care for our elders and dying.

When we cannot guess the path a child’s life will take simply because of their economic status.

When we do not have the children of immigrants standing up in Congress and demanding that we block the borders and deny those immigrants (who are now our neighbors) access to the basics of life simply because they came here to try and better theirs, because they came here to do jobs that we don’t want to do ourselves because they’re too dirty, too boring, too dangerous, then, just maybe, we’ll be on our way to being a Christian nation.



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3 responses to “This is Not a Christian Nation

  1. No doubt. What really do the right-wing Republicans want, a new government adhereing to biblical laws? A Theocracy USA?

    The only long-lived Theocracy I know of is the Vatican state. What happened to John Calvin’s theocracy in Geneva?

    I am researching A. Kuyper and his doctrine of “commen grace” where he defends “christian government.” Taking the Christian world-view into all spheres of life, but does the New Testament coerce (force) people into its teachings? No way.

  2. Showed up here via your WhatNow comment — go figure, the name intrigued me.

    And I want to add a full-fledged AMEN to this from a “real” nun. This is very similar to many rants I’ve had on my own blog — most recently about the whole Brokeback controversy. Because, of course, that was truly the biggest issue facing our world today ….

    You go girl!