Two posts in one day! This one’s much lighter.

The Cross Meme

Do you wear a cross? No, I wear a St. Rita medal. St. Rita is, among other things, the patron of women changing careers.

Is there a particular time or place that you consider wearing a cross medal? Days ending in ‘y’. I take it off to sleep, put it on after my shower in the AM.

Where do you wear it? A silver box chain around my neck. It travels in and out of my shirt, depending on neckline and how I’ve fiddled with it.

What does the cross medal look like? It’s a modern sterling silver medal, laser cut, and has the legend “St. Rita, pray for us”. St. Rita is looking to Heaven and holding a crown of thorns to her chest. If you look real close, you can see the mark of her stigmata on her head. But if you wanna look real close, please ask me to take it off first, I get nervous with people that close to my, erm, bosom.

Who gave the cross medal to you or did you choose it? I bought it myself several years ago, when I joined the Episcopal Church. I’ve worn medals off and on for years (Holy Family, OL Guadalupe), but I was starting my M.Ed. program and felt a medal would be less in your face for people of other faiths than a big ol’ crucifix.

Is this your favorite cross medal, if so, why? It’s me favorite medal. It’s me only medal. [/Kendra]

What does wearing a cross medal mean to you? St. Louis de Montfort suggested that people who used his Consecration to Jesus through Mary wear a chain to remind them they were chained to Mary. I like the imagery, but I feel more chained to Christ. The medal reminds me that there are people out there who are praying for me.

Wanna play? Tag yourself and tell us if, when and why you wear or don’t wear a cross (or a medal).


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