Corned Beef Indult

Many thanks to Whispers in the Loggia for the information that my local archdiocese has offered an indult (or permission) for those of us of Irish heritage who wish to partake of the corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day.

Yes, I know I’m not Roman Catholic, but I do worship with them frequently. And I am most certainly part Irish!

I’m going to go right home and watch The Quiet Man, not only one of the most beautiful films ever made, but a lovely testament to ecumenicisim.


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One response to “Corned Beef Indult

  1. AAHHH the Quiet Man… my all time favorite! I will definitely be partaking of the corned beef and cabbage this Friday!

    I’m with you sister, Irish as the day is long… I’ve even got an open beer sitting next to my laptop at the moment. Doesn’t get more Irish than that!!!