Five Books I Want To Write

1) Revelations of St. John the Divine for Dummies— I spent a ridiculous amount of my college years studying new religious movements (NRMs) that incorporated Christian millenialist thinking and violent philosophies (translation: I studied suicide cults). Therefore, I’m pretty well conversant in end-time theories and how often Revelations is twisted to make people afraid. And that’s just stupid, annoying, and downright wrong.

2) The Nun in the Belltower— A fictional novel focusing on a religious sister who has an office in the Chico State belltower. There aren’t really offices in there, as a matter of fact it’s totally off-limits, wired with alarms and locked three ways from Sunday. No, I didn’t try to break in, I asked once how one would get permission to go up there. Basically, it would be a love story to my first (and thus far, favorite) university.

3) The as-yet untitled but I’m referring to it as Nuns in Spaaaace! novel– That’s about all I’ve got, but the concept of the radical cloistering available in outer space is intruiging.

4) You Might Be a Layperson If…— This title is also in flux. Basically, it’s kind of a beginning formation for laity, especially those who have grown up in a church and the deepest theological instruction they’ve received is whatever they picked up in Sunday School.

5) Shine, Jesus, Shine, or Why Praise Songs Suck— Just kidding. Couldn’t think of a fifth book.



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6 responses to “Five Books I Want To Write

  1. I would read those. 🙂 Except #1—I need such a book aimed at people whose brains turn to mush when they read Revelation, rather than one aimed at people who think they know what John is on about there.

  2. Oh it would explain the mysterious symbolisim up right.

    And have lots of pictures! *nods*

  3. I tried reading Revelation in high school and… huh? So I will definitely read that first book.

  4. Book 5 cound be subtitled, “Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes, Yes, Lord, Amen… and other songs I could have written on the toilet.”

  5. I could also write a companion book to book 5, called Dear FAtherGod, Ijustreallywanna: A guide to prayer for all peoples

  6. I heard SJS for the first time last year at a shipmeet. I think that, as a song, it sucks. I have, however, been assured that while the current music man is at St. Spike’s I won’t be hearing it there. (Deo gratias.)

    A book for laity would be fabboo.