The Church’s one foundation is: “Jesus Christ, you’re wrong!”

I used a term in my last post, “The Religious Self-Righteous”. I did use it in a context where it could be construed as just focusing on those ‘conservative’ elements of Christianity.

Puh-leaze. ‘Liberal’* Christians are just as capable of being the Religious Self-Righteous as anyone.

Oh, look at those conservatives over there, they don’t allow women to even be altar servers, let alone priests/pastors! Poor, deluded things, not aware of all the things that science has to say. I bet they’re ill educated, semi-literate, oppressive, hatin’ fools.

Might as well swap the words ‘snarkwor’ and ‘nom-nom’ for liberal and conservative any more, for all the meaning those two words have for people.

You’ll usually hear the Snarkwors and Nom-noms bemoaning how sad is the lack of Christian Unity, what a poor witness is is for the Body of Christ to be so broke up. Well, the first thing we gotta do is stop calling each other names, stop the little death of a thousand keystrokes, the bitter backstabbing that goes on (and, in my opinion, has only escalated on the Global Hyde Park that is blogging).

Your humble servant,
Sr. Mary Hasta

*Your o’b’t Sr. took many, many Political Science and Economics classes, wherein liberal referred to a person who favors an economic theory of laissez-faire and self-regulating markets. I kid you not, look it up.


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