Quick trip around the Blog’verse

Feast of Eleutherios the Holy Martyr, Bishop Illyria and his mother Anthia, also of Susannah the Deaconess Prayer focus- Those undergoing divorce or seperation.

Streak points to the only man willing to call the Southern Baptist Leadership a ‘hypocrite and jackass’ to their faces.

Sojurner reminds us that not everyone can greet this season with joyful anticipation.

Jimmy shows off his tattoos and tells the stories behind them. Welcome to the Daily Read list, Jimmy!

The Blue Canopy gives us a different kind of Advent reflection.

The Sacred Weblog of the Universal Inquisition promotes a Traditionalist Catholic-sponsored book burning. Sr. Mary Hasta wonders what the Liberal Catholic version would look like: maybe a book writing session?

UnSpace goes for the obvious Star Wars joke about the near-Neptunian object, “Buffy”. As Sr. Mary Hasta is an irrepentant Joss Whedon and Star Wars fan, this made her giggle out loud.

And now, for a word from St. Teresa of Avila
I have often thought that if the sun can remain in the heavens and yet its rays are so strong that without its moving thence they can none the less reach us here, it must be possible for the soul and the spirit, which are as much the same thing as are the sun and its rays, to remain where they are, and yet, through the power of the heat that comes to them from the true Sun of Justice, for some higher part of them to rise above itself.

Prayer Requests
Peace to all who enter here!

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