Death Penalty, Prejudice, and Solemn Vows.

Sr. Mary Hasta said something earlier about discussing the recent execution of Stanley “Tookie” Williams. She in no way assumes to understand the heart of another human being (shoot, she has trouble understanding her own motives sometimes). This goes for both Mr. Williams and Mr. Schwartzenegger. She also understands she is bound by her own prejudices and history, and even to (as much as she allows it to control her) her family’s history. On top of everything, Sr. Mary Hasta has trained as a historian, and understands more than most people exactly how much a story can change based on who’s telling it, and that we don’t have anything resembling the entire story.

She does not understand how St. Casserole’s reaction can be so drastically different from The Anchoress’ reaction.

One of these blog entries made Sr. Mary Hasta’s stomach churn. The other resonated within her soul.

Sr. Mary Hasta just does not understand. And when she is confronted with something that is contrary to her base nature, she does what any human being does. She says something along the lines of “What a stupidhead!”

Now, most humans go about their way from there, secure in the knowlege of their superiority over another human being. Sr. Mary Hasta, however, works hard at stepping back and seeing the whole story. She feels it’s part of her calling as a Christian and important in keeping her private vows (you know, those things that make her a nun). But there’s only so far she can go on her own.

Zinnhead points out that there have been arguments over dogma and doctrine and Who’s A Christian, Anyway? since the Good Old Days of the early Church.

Do you really think those guys venerable Church Fathers are arguing in Heaven right now?

Most all Christian traditions hold the Lord’s Prayer as something worthy. Sr. Mary Hasta heard a preacher once stop the prayer in an unusual place. It’s been her wish ever since to embody that phrase. She hopes, God willing, this blog will help.

Our Father, who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth.


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  1. Sr.Mary,
    I just don’t like the State doing murder. I don’t think Tookie and other’s are Saints.

    Glad to see your blog!